Our Values

Job Commitment.
I like working at the company.

We sincerely believe that there will be a moment when the majority of the employees will say: “I like working at the company.” They will say it because it is interesting to work here, you have the opportunity to defend and implement your ideas, to share your experience and knowledge, to enjoy the fact that you contribute to the growth and success of your colleagues.

Common Sense.
Balanced approach to decision-making.

If you think about the consequences of certain actions, and try to think in multiple planes, then common sense will help you make the right decision. First of all, we try to answer the “Why” question, and then the “Who, how, and when” questions.

Short-term benefits are simply not worth the costs of lost reputation.

We never cross the border and never use unfair methods of competition or pressure during negotiations, no matter how effective it could be. We try to build partnership with our clients, suppliers, and employees. We believe partnership is not possible unless both parties keep their word. We always try to keep our promises and expect the same from others.

Opening up prospects.

This is our favorite value. We never run out of energy to search for new knowledge and to get new experience. We believe that a real measure of development is when you smile looking back at what you did a year ago. If we see that our employees or partners are skilled or interested in to develop with us, we will do everything we can to support them.