Better than just a job.
More than just colleagues.

It is always difficult, risky, and expensive to be the first. It is much easier to repeat the success of others by simply copying someone else’s decisions. But this is not about us. We want to be the leaders.

Product development the company is in Russia's own team of professionals 1
Our Mission
By creating a special atmosphere, we change the concept of customary things.
Our Values
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– From the very first drawing up to the final package – we create the product. That’s what makes us professionals.
Tatiana Zhevlakova
Development Manager
– We are all professionals and I appreciate it. As the company keeps moving ahead there is one thing that remains – respect to you and your work.
Igor Boytsov
Senior Programmer
– Atmosphere in Santonit gives you inspiration for your work every day. You can succeed, you can go ahead, you can do it better – all the opportunities are here.
Yury Melentyev
Head of Logistics
– Three years ago when I just joined Santonit I noticed that team members didn’t leave office at exactly 5 p.m. They loved their jobs and did the best they could.
Anastasia Romanenko
Sales Manager
– It is a true please to work side by side with a team of young and ambitious professionals. When your contribution values you can’t let down your teammates.
Tatiana Chizhova
Development Manager
– Working in a suburb makes you stay away from noise and stresses of the big city. My work brings me happiness and that means a lot.
Vlada Kinzerskaya
Purchasing Manager
– In summer I love to spend my free time after work on the lakeshore. It takes only half an hour to get there and you find yourself surrounded by the pure nature.
Yevgeniya Zimina
Purchasing Manager