Effective Solutions for any Kinds of Stores

Department Rearrangement

When it comes to the aspects of the store concept enhancing, products arrangement, channeling customer traffic and minimizing cold zones umbrella approach when planning the department work proves to be the most viable.

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Enhancing the Department Attractiveness

A bit less of merchandising, a little more of decoration. We’ve got all the expertise to create a spectacular and attractive exposition, which will turn into a department magnet.

Regular Exposition Standards

Making an exposition simple and understandable for customers and staff may prove more challenging than it first sounds. We are always ready to deeply look into the features of the store and assortment matrix and to develop a project featuring visual materials.

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Increasing an Average Basket With an Integrated Purchase

Ready-made solutions are a proven tool to boost items in the buyer's check. The secret is that these are not fragmented items that catch the consumer’s eyes, but skillfully composed collections. We will analyze the range of products and create expositions featuring the times in tune.

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Equipment Development

Santonit team proves to have a knack of displaying products the best way possible. We will look into the store size and the product range to opt for the winners: promo boxes, tables, unusual displays, regular exposition equipment.

We do not just sell products, we offer product support at all stages from production to end customers.

Our Projects