More than just business.
Secure than just a partner.

Company Presentation
Opening up prospects
Short-term benefits are simply not worth the costs of lost reputation
Balanced approach to decision-making
I like working at the company

We do not just sell products, we offer product support at all stages from production to end customers.

We create our products.
Over 1500 SKU under management.

We develop our products in Russia and we are proud of our R&D department which became a trendsetter and caught emerging demand many times.

New item production process includes the following: 

– market research for the purposes of correct product positioning regarding its role in the category; 

– visits to relevant exhibitions to keep track of the trends; 

– manufacturing process audit for the purposes of reducing prime costs and introducing industrial innovations.

Our products are unified in collections or combined with the current stock. It is the very reason why it helps increase store departments attractiveness and number of products in the client’s shopping cart.

Our Products
We give our clients what they need, when they need it.
Over 16,5 million product units sold. 500 trading facilities.

Santonit has been working with national and European retailers since 1999.

All offers are formed taking into account concept, competitive strategy, retailer targets, price positioning, and customer needs.

We adhere to the From the Shelves in Retail friendly pricing policy. Our offers include products in price segments from low to high.

Top-quality services for advanced retail chains.
The service level is more than 96%.

We have two warehouse buildings in Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk, which helps us shorten delivery time and reduce the number of complaints from our partners.

Top-quality services are made possible due to cargo recipients’ article planning 6 months in advance.

Effective solutions for any kinds of stores.
36 visual merchandising projects were developed in 2016.

We have a full range of tools to increase sales and retail space attractiveness for customers.

We build our activity with a focus on a single sector, which means we know the best ways to demonstrate our product. Marketing and visual merchandising experts will create effective solutions for both small stores and hypermarkets.

Company Projects