Santonit Has Ranked Second in а Merchandising Contest

The Regional Retail Day and the Contest for the Best Setting and Display of Items at Household Stores were conducted as a part of the Household Expo trade fair. 

The greatest interest was generated by a cycle of Boosting Off-the-Shelf Sales seminars guided by Irina Bolotova the Senior Consultant at JosDeVries The Retail Company Russia. Incidentally, the Santonit specialists have received training at the said Dutch agency.  

The expert  told about the aspects which the leading Russian and foreign retailers are focusing at.

Retail chains have started to aim their most active efforts on retail customer communication elements and visual appearance of stores (visual merchandising and visual appearance of shopping space). 

Hoff has notably upgraded its visual environment, including implementation of a new concept of stores Hoff Home. Visual appearance of a new Moscow store chain Domovoy has changed in a positive way.

Gradually food stores start to compete with DIY and household chains. Thus, Auchan has considerably improved its in-store display of household items and tableware, within the new store format; whereas the Magnit  chain, within its expanding format Magnit Cosmetic, is actively increasing the number of retail points by clusters: 3 Magnit food stores and 1 Magnit Cosmetic.

Familia off-price retailer has also allocated a household section at its shop floors. In addition to that, Familia has modified the visual aspect of the chain and is now gradually emerging at A-class shopping centers, becoming an anchor household tenant.   

From among foreign chains, Flying Tiger Copenhagen and Action are to be commended. Action aspires to become the new retail king by means of active marketing and introduction of a new stock every 2 weeks. All this, despite the fact that the chain chooses to select C-class premises with unfavorable location.

Another report which made a strong impression on the audience was Merchandising: How to Sell More. Light, Color, Display by Ekaterina Bogachyova, an international retail and merchandising expert.

Ekaterina visually demonstrated the importance of good lighting at a shop floor and helped to gain insight into selection of lighting fixtures for display of items at retail stores. Thus, cold light helps to show product details, yellow light with a color rendering index of more than 75% is good for multicolored display, whereas neutral light should be selected with a coefficient of 4000K (degrees of Kelvin). Increase of lighting quality has a positive impact on sales (up to 35% rise) and customers’ spirit. In conclusion, the results of the Contest for the Best Setting and Display of Items at Household Stores were announced.

Santonit has ranked 2-nd in the Optimal Shopping Space Utilization nomination.  A project of sidewalls for Moroshka products display, installed in 2016 at Saint Petersburg and Moscow K-Rauta hypermarkets was submitted for the contest.   

Скан 9.jpeg

On a rack of 1.3 m in width we have arranged 34 collection items with a stock of 3-6 pieces as well as full-size curtain samples and an inspiring composition on the top shelf. Maritime items contrasting with the equipment color draw attention to the bathroom accessory section with their bright stripes. Display of items from different commodity lines at one point, increases the probability of an integrated purchase.  

Таллинское шоссе (2).JPGInstagram_Таллинское шоссе (2).jpgInstagram_Выборгское шоссе.jpg