Perfect Bedroom with WESS Textile

We are excited to introduce a new direction for our company. Bedroom textile collections.

Santonit wanted to simplify the process of getting a perfect mix between a window and the bed decoration. This task has been solved in the process of designing curtains, tulle, blankets, and decorative pillowcases of the WESS brand owned and operated by Santonit.

Textile is unique due to its attention to detail. Textures, patterns, and picturesque scenes complement rather than duplicate each other. This creates a complete and multi-faceted look.

It is now easy to get your dream bedroom with WESS textile collections.

7 Textile Collections For Real People

Brand experts visited world's best factories and exhibitions to create bedroom textile collections. This is how 3 collections, called Balance, Brilliance, and Romantic, appeared.

An unusual experiment has been conducted to create 4 more collections. These are Energy, Harmony, Illusion, and Serenity. Residents of St. Petersburg, who just had their apartments decorated, have been invited to take part in a project. Tatyana Petrova art historian and decorator from St. Petersburg helped them reveal the complexity of the selection and their desires, to turn their thoughts into something unitary, and eventually create a beautiful collection suitable for ordinary homes.    

 татьяна петрова.jpg      

– I like the idea that design offers people the opportunity to create a better life. The idea of textile collections for the WESS bedroom offers people clear and simple tools to change the interior. I believe that it makes their life better, more beautiful, and harmonious.    

Tatyana Petrova, art historian and decorator    

This amazing result couldn’t be achieved without Nadezhda Dmitrieva, project manager. The team is rightly proud of it. She managed to build production processes to provide for all the details and ensure top quality which the brand is known for.


Eastern Style


The collection creates the illusion of an eastern jewelry box that combines a rich variety of patterns and colors. Typical ikat and Moroccan quatrefoil patterns fill the bedroom with oriental flavors and create warm and vibrant interiors.



— There aren’t a lot of sun and colors where we live. When I was little, I liked searching for treasures. Once, I found my grandmother's box with a real pirate treasure inside of it. Ornaments and gold shining did not illuminate the room with a bright shimmering light like in the movies, but it gave me a real delight. The Illusion Collection creates the same impression. By slightly opening a bedroom door decorated with Illusion textiles, you are overwhelmed by emotions. Maybe you would even feel the hot breath of the Mediterranean Sea or think about your vacation and wonderful oriental coloring.

Vladimir Lavrukhin, participant of the Illusion Collection development project

The Illusion collection combines modern trends and authenticity of the East. The main thing here is a traditional oriental ikat pattern in its modern interpretation. Ikat was always considered a sign of wealth in the East. Today, this intricate pattern with blurred contours became a fashionable trend used by famous fashion designers in clothing and interior.



Lifestyle Collection is intended for those who love living with style. It combines bright colors and kaleidoscopic patterns that embody the energy of life. The Energy Collection emphasizes the originality and contemporary style of the bedroom.



—  When I was decorating my apartment, I deliberately avoided using bright colors. As a result, everything turned out to be neutral beige. I wanted to fix this with the help of curtains. This is when I was offered to participate in the development of a textile collection. In order to give vigor to the monotony of the beige color, I decided to add a little bit of dynamics in the form of modern patterns, purple, yellow, and gray colors.

Albina Galimova, participant of the Energy Collection development project 

Fabrics of the collection attract attention by combining large graphic images and bold colors. Dynamic image of smoothly curved lines creates the illusion of a three-dimensional image. This technique is pretty popular in modern interior design.  

Classic style

The Classic Style is Represented by Two Collections, Serenity and Brilliance.


This collection represents the calm and serenity. Pastel colors and classic patterns make the bedroom look self-sufficient and create an atmosphere of comfort.



— Moderation, harmony of colors and textures. That’s what I like about the Serenity Collection.   

Natalia Polkina, participant of the Serenity Collection development project

Curtains and pillowcases fabric has a delicate and elegant textured pattern that is repeated in a quilting pattern of the blanket. Smooth curls on a transparent veil of tulle create the effect of a soft movement. Silver gray and smoky-blue colors perfectly combined with each other form an elegant interior where everything breathes peace and quietness. If you fold the edge of a double-sided blanket, you get an additional distinctive touch to the bedroom ensemble.


This collection features luxury classics. Patterns and color solutions emphasize the elegance and grandeur of the style which always remains relevant and classy.



—  The collection embodies the pursuit of wealth, splendor, luster, and elegance.

Nadezhda Dmitrieva, WESS project manager 

Shades of white gold and turquoise and unobtrusive golden sparks in the curtains fabrics patterns create an atmosphere of sophisticated elegance. Elegant decor vignettes are repeated in lace veil, which creates a sense of ensemble which is a must for a truly classic interior design style.

Country Style


This country style collection gives a feeling of coziness and harmony in your home. Floral pattern and patchwork make the bedroom interior charming and sweet. Forget about the hustle and bustle of a big city with the Harmony collection.    



— Country style is used in the design of the bedroom to recreate a cozy country house interior design style in your apartment. The blanket, which looks like old patchwork blanket with relevant colors, is the main item of the collection.

Olga Nazarova, participant of the Harmony Collection development project 

Watercolor floral pattern of curtains and translucent veil adds softness and freedom to interior design. The main item of the Harmony collection is a patchwork blanket made with a printing pattern that adds a touch of retro to the modern room interior. Patchwork motives and floral decorations capture the spirit of the 1970s. This is one of the most popular fashion trends of recent years.    



The Romantic collection is inspired by the Mediterranean sun and nature of Provence.



— Delicate colors and a floral pattern combined with typical rhombi create a cozy and warm atmosphere of southern France. 

Nadezhda Dmitrieva, WESS project manager

The Romantic Collection is feminine and romantic. Curtains fabric features a charming floral pattern and fine details. Lace mesh tulle pattern pleases on a sunny day. Soft and cozy quilted blanket with contrasting stitching promises quiet and peaceful nights. Bright color edge of a blanket is particularly elegant. This color edge adds playfulness to a romantic bedroom atmosphere.




The Balance collection is all about minimalism and moderation.



— Neutral colors and minimalist patterns of the collection emphasize the simplicity of the style and comfort of a modern bedroom.      

Nadezhda Dmitrieva, WESS project manager

Simple geometric patterns are combined with dark chocolate and neutral gray colors. Expressive play with the scale is also noteworthy. A similar, but different in terms of its size, pattern of geometric broken lines in the curtains, tulle, and quilting blanket fabrics emphasizes the unity of the overall design.

Product Testing

We are proud of the high quality of WESS bedroom textiles. Please find some of the product testing results below.*

  Actual values     
GOST 23432-89 requirements     
points (at least)
Color fastness 
to washing at 30o

5/5  4–5/4–5
Color fastness 
to washing at 60o

5/5 4–5/4–5
Color fastness 
to ironing    
5 4

* Test report # 71/01 as of September 12, 2016 by the Univers-Test laboratory of the St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technology and Design