Colorful sea ends

We installed Moroshka equipment at eight K-Rauta stores in late October. It features the Maritime collection. Now, St. Petersburg and Moscow’s stores of the network feature shelves with colorful sea ends.

We have placed 34 articles of the collection, full-size curtain samples, and inspiring composition on the top shelf. The shelves are 1.3 meters wide, they fit about 3-6 items. Maritime items with bright stripes, which stand out against equipment, draw shoppers’ attention to the bathroom accessories department. By displaying items from different product groups in the same place, we were able to increase the likelihood of complex buying.

Таллинское шоссе (2).JPGInstagram_Таллинское шоссе (2).jpgInstagram_Выборгское шоссе.jpg

When designing the brand area, it was important for us to have attractive and understandable layout. It should be easy for promoters and stores employees to keep it that way. Each item has its own place, so it is intuitively clear where to put it. We have developed equipment that could be easily put together by two employees without special training. Such a shelf is transported in a disassembled form and requires no complex assembly operations.

Buyers notice curtain samples from far away. They come closer and check them out. Therefore, we have put a supply of curtains, curtain rods, and rings near. Desk accessories, hooks, and towels are placed at the shopper's eye level as less dimensional items. Such large items as toilet seats, bathroom mats, toilet brushes, and buckets are placed on the bottom shelf since they are visible from far away.