Ready-made Solutions for Hoff

We have developed sidewalls with ready-made bathrooms solutions for Hoff stores. We selected accessories collections and combinations for the project in advance and managed to simplify a process of choosing bathroom decorations for customers.

A ready-made solution for WESS includes a collection of desk accessories with carefully selected soft rug and curtains perfectly matching each other. Equipment is painted in black to attract customers attention and emphasize the quality of the product. A banner features an interior image of an accessory collection that completes an exposition and gives the trading area cozy flair.

7.jpg 5.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg

A side wall with accessories by Verran helps customers find the needed bathroom décor using thought-out accessory combinations. You will find desk accessories, four curtains, and a rug as an addition at the standard sidewalls. The banners also suggest a possible color combination for walls or bathroom furniture and accessories.