Comfortable and Convenient DIY in Tyumen

In 2016, Yuzhny retail chain undergoes a gradual makeover. This Tyumen-based retail chain upgrades its trading areas.

Thus, all stores and will be more comfortable due to DIY softening concept. From now on, the plumbing department features ready-made bathroom decor solutions, tips, and advice on decoration for locals.

In this project, we set the following objectives:

  1. To draw more attention to the department by increasing the visibility and reducing the height of the equipment at the entrance to the department.
  2. To generate an additional stream of customers by using special offers at the sidewalls and increasing the so-called “hot zones.” .
  3. To systematize a merchandise display and to offer customers ready-made bathroom decor solutions matched by color and styles.
  4. To make the bathroom accessories department more comfortable by using visual merchandising tools.
  5. To increase an average receipt by multiplying the number of impulse purchases, affecting the emotions and customers’ mood.


1 Общии вид .JPG2 Левыи торец.JPG4 Линия 3 и 4.JPG5 Торец 2 стоика информации.JPG

We have rearranged the department:

  1. removed some of the shelves next to the passage;
  2. We used that extra space to place tables with ready-made solution: desk accessories and towels;
  3. decorated sidewall by putting a special offer for mirrors, shelves, and buckets on it;
  4. later, this sidewall, behind which there is a line with colors, will be redecorated for special offer.


2016-07-22 15-10-30.JPG2016-07-22 15-10-53.JPG2016-07-22 15-12-37.JPG2016-07-22 15-13-25.JPG

You can see two series of bathroom accessories matching each other in terms of their style and specially selected towels on the tables. In addition to the artistic merchandise display, we managed to squeeze in sufficient stocks on the desk and shelves. It creates a sense of abundance for customers and, at the same time, ensures that every object will be visible due to repeated facing.

The main part of the alterations was to divide bathroom accessories into color-style groups. We picked up a range of products for 5 groups:

  1. warm orange-brown colors for ethnic interior;
  2. gray-green natural colors;
  3. blue colors for a modern bathroom;
  4. light colors for classic interior;
  5. flowery pink-violet colors.

Проект общии вид отдела.jpgПроект стеллажи по цветам.jpgпроект торец 1.jpgпроект Цвета_Голубои.jpgпроект Цвета_Зеленыи.jpg

Each color group included 16 curtains, 5 desk accessories collections, and 9 soft rugs. We have placed banners with corresponding images of collection accessories in terms of colors above each color zone. To enhance the differentiation by color, we added vertical dividers. Each shelve stand has been highlighted separately.

It is worth noting that the management of Yuzhny took interest in the project and decided to participate in it. Thus, at each stage of the project, we have been supported. We received assistance with the installation of equipment and placing 257 items. Taking into account the stock, we are talking about 1,340 separate articles of products. It was important to rearrange everything within2-3 days because the store was open and we did not plan to cause any inconvenience to Yuzhny customers for a long time.

At the preparation stage of the project, we had to make life of our colleagues in a warehouse and logistics department difficult because we asked them to place each order at an individual tray according to the color and type of equipment to be later placed in the store. When we were placing items on the shelves, we were able to get the job done quicker and did not block a passage to the shelves for customers.

When the installation was almost done and the overall picture was getting more and more obvious, we received many positive reviews on our work from customers. It was pretty positive experience both for us and for the management of the retail chain.